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 Donna Gordon 2016/6/17Friday(星期五)8:05:36PM:
Before we go on to the Book of Exodus, I want to talkbriefly about one last pivotal event in Exodus that helped to define the Jewishpeople.


Jacob struggles with an angelic being before meeting hisbrother Esau. Do you remember this story from Genesis?

After he wrestles with this divine being, Jacob is givena new name, which is Israel.  In Hebrew it is Yis-ra-el.

Yisrael in Hebrew means, " The one who struggleswith God."

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:等于尊称吗?
Donna GordonWhat does it mean to struggle with God?

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:struggles 是斗争吗?
Donna GordonYes, Fu Feng, we have struggles with ourFaith.(是的,扶风,我们与我们的信仰做斗争。)

Donna GordonWe see in the Bible that Jacob had a literalphysical fight with God, but what could this mean on a deeper level?

Any guesses?

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:分离?
Donna GordonNot separation in my opinion, Fu Feng.(扶风,我的意思不是分离。)

Are there any student comments about what it is like tostruggle with their beliefs about God?

This is my interpretation of the deeper meaning of thisstruggle that Jacob had with the angel.

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:这个雅各与天使的争吵,指个人与信仰间的纠结吗?
Donna GordonYes, Fu Feng, we should not be afraid tostruggle with our belief in a higher power.

Donna GordonWe should not be afraid to challenge ourfaith and our belief in God.

We should never be afraid to ask tough and hardquestions about our religious beliefs.

(翻译-清辞Wei:Stupid asked "does it mean that distance between reality and God?". 

张洁 Jessica 5号:而且怎样斗争呀?是否认和怀疑这个信仰吗?
翻译-清辞Wei:I think she is answering your question about what Jacob's stugglewith Angle means.

Donna GordonThanks, let me try to simplify this a little.

Are there everyday things that we do in life that wemight struggle with?

We can struggle with our spouse, our parents, ourchildren, our boss at work, yes?

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:与他人的矛盾?
Donna Gordon Yes, a struggle can mean a physical ormental conflict.(一场斗争可能意味着身体或精神冲突。)

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:纠结,就是选择。需要选择与放弃的,多是双方不同的角度。凡夫有纠结,是因为各人有小我,各自的小我站在不一样的角度,看问题就不一样。两人交往,就需要对原有的角度调整。而人总不习惯,所以多不愿意放掉自己的角度,就出现了纠结。

Donna GordonSometimes when we struggle to understand anew situation we end up growing in wisdom from that struggle, yes?

Sometimes after we struggle with a difficult situationor concept, we end up growing so much that our whole manner of thinking canchange.

It is so profound that it can change our whole life.

We can become a new person.

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:成长,是脱皮的过程。
Donna GordonYes, Fu Feng, I like how you said this.  It is like peeling back the layers ofprotection that we build around us for safety in order to find our true selves.

Let's take an example.

A man has many personal struggles and is very unhappybecause of a childhood trauma.

Jiangsu海阔天空  14号:放下原有的对事情的反应、思考方式,再从对方的角度去理解他人。这个放下还真不容易。但是一旦能放下了,没有纠结了的感觉还是蛮舒服的。

Donna GordonSo he begins to abuse Alcohol and drinks tomuch so that he comes home from work drunk and beats his wife and children.

One night, he comes home drunk and as usual, he beginsto terrorize his family. But this time as he lifts his hand to hit his son, hiseyes look deep into the eyes of his frightened son down to the soul level.

The father sees in the eyes of his son the same traumathat the father suffered as a child.

He realizes in that exact moment that his abuse ofalcohol and his family is repeating what he suffered as a child.

Instead of hitting his son, he hugs him tightly andbegins to sob tears of change.

All of the father's emotions that he has held back foryears come out through his tears, and he vows to his family that he will giveup alcohol and will change his behavior.

He is , in essence, a new man.  a changed man.

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:家庭系统。

Donna GordonSometimes our struggles in life can change usin very profound ways for the better.

We all should be very open to change.  We must keep an open mind.  Be like water.

So, what does this mean in our story of Jacob?

It means that we all need to continue to ask hardquestions and challenge ourselves as to the nature of God.
扶风 Fu Feng 2号:为什么,还是不明白?

Donna GordonIf we see the angel as a representative ofthe Supreme force or consciousness of the universe, than we can say that Jacobhad an encounter with the supreme consciousness of the universe, enlightenment.

Ok, hard questions can be questions about whether or notstories in the Bible really took place as the Bible says it does. 

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:向神问一些难的问题。首先,神是谁,怎么回答你。二,什么才是“难”。
Donna GordonFu Feng, a difficult question may be any questionthat you don't want to answer because it might make you face some of your ownhuman flaws.

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:抓虫?
张洁 Jessica 5号:我已完全晕掉,怎么问,怎么向神提问?

Donna GordonJust as we have difficult questions aboutourselves that we need to answer in order to grow in our understanding of ourselves, we need to ask toughquestions about our beliefs in God, or Buddha, or the Tao.

张洁 Jessica 5号:如果是自己问自己,自己还没连接到神性,那又怎么回答?

Donna GordonHow many of you feel that you are trulyconnected to the supreme consciousness of the universe?

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:这个问,没人能回答Yes。
Donna GordonTo reach this supreme consciousness,sometimes we have to remove blockages imposed by our egos in order toexperience and find our true selves.

To become better people, we have to take a real look atour lives and ask some hard questions, such as:

Am I the best child that I can be for my parents?

Am I the best spouse that I can be for my husband orwife?

Did I bring honor to my family in every situation that Icould?

If you can't answer yes to some of these questions, thenyou have to ask other questions that make you face your faults.

Real change and real growth takes place when we examineevery part of our selves and our beliefs in ourselves and the nature of theuniverse.

Like fu Feng said, it is like peeling back layers.

On a literal level, Jacob was going to meet with hisbrother Esau the next day.

The last time Jacob had seen his brother, he haddeceived his brother and his father about the family inheritence.  His brother Esau had vowed to kill Jacob.

The struggle with the angel or Divine being could havebeen Jacob struggling with his own conscience about the way he had treated hisbrother so badly.

If you treat someone badly and then have to face themlater to account for your behavior, isn't that one of the hardest things to do?

If you can truly face your faults and say that you aresorry learn from the situation, and then you have struggled with yourself andgrown from the experience.

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:有点明白这一课,Donna老师想表达的了。
(翻译-清辞Wei:She said she is starting to understand the point you are trying to get cross inthis class.

Donna GordonReligious beliefs should never stagnate.
扶风 Fu Feng 2号:是的。

Donna GordonReligious beliefs in God, the universe, andconsciousness should continuously evolve as new things make themselves known tous.

The Jewish people as a people are referred to in theBible as Yisrael, the same name that Jacob was given.

Why, because every day we need to re-examine ourrelationship with the Divine Consciousness of the universe.  We need to continue to struggle with theBible text and find new meaning in it on a deeper level.

We must challenge ourselves to grow into newer betterpeople every day. 

Wow, I thought this would be an easy concept to explain.

Look at how much I had to struggle with this!!   

Enlightenment is not always easy, there are strugglesalong the way.  The key is to stay opento new ideas and beliefs. 

扶风 Fu Feng 2号:看到Donna解读的圣经,有点像我读小乘经典,想方设法,在字里行间,扒开多年来积聚下的很多人们的想当然,找到佛陀表达的真意,

Donna Gordon
For homework: 
1.  Please searchyour heart for two questions that you have about the Book of Genesis that I canhelp answer for you.
2.  Please makesure that you have finished reading the book of Exodus.

张洁 Jessica 5号:
1. Please search your heart for two questions that you have about the Bookof Genesis that I can help answer for you.
2. Please make sure that you have finished reading the book of Exodus.